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Sending Light 101

Use the Cosmic Triage™ CPG system to center, ground and protect yourself during moments of critical focus and to sustain your connection to a positive frequency. As currents of power move through oceans so does nonphysical thought forms move through the air around us.

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Taking It Back | Soul Retrieval

In the midst of my blithering about how I was going to put on my psychic brass knuckles and meet a particularly nasty harpy in the aethers, my husband was on his way to the gallery and trying to manage my latest revelation. I told him to go, so he kissed me goodbye --...

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Islamphobe? Here’s why.

We tend to forget that there is a reason our Muslim brothers and sisters are stronger (yes, they really are) in their faith and their conviction than other religions. From MDI: Muslim Debate Initiative: "So why does God command the Muslims to all face towards the...

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Light Thieves?

The victim of a light thief often feels confused and inferior. I’m finally comfortable enough with my own skills as a light worker to practice discernment between the sociopath vs. who is “on the path.”

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The New Moon

This article answers WHY we use the "new moon" and removes the stigma (fear) of using a moon cycle as being primarily an occult practice or an element of the *NAA.  There are three links to outside sources supporting our process: 1. Biblical use of the moon phases for...

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